Hints and Tips

Please put an apple in a bag with a potato
to isolate a potato from germination.

A potato will take a food coloring agent from your finger.
I make a live potato rise against a coloring agent with water.

Please rub it
Please use it

(your pancake)

to knead a meat baster to a hot plate
and to “squeeze” powder.

Please finish
a pancake is formed every time

When I use a banana,
I confirm that my slice is covered up by juice.

Please lower it
you will notice that a banana won’t change color

Please cover the outside in an old bar of soap
before using it to clean bread.

When there is a step to paint, please draw a person first;
when he/she/it is dry, please paint the person you omitted.

In this way a step will be fastened inside.

One response to “Hints and Tips

  1. This is my favorite so far.

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