Traction in Slick Conditions

sounds like a dirty phrase
but was actually overheard
in a car commercial.

2 responses to “Traction in Slick Conditions

  1. I really like this poem. There is something about the line breaks and the interplay between title and line and the reveal. It is a very punchy little poem…so funny and so matter of fact. It actually somewhat reminds me of Shalom Auslander's poems inspired by WCW's "This is just to say." See below. —–1.I'm sorry you're overweightAnd drinkingAnd feeling like everythingin your lifeIs doomed to failureBut this is probably whyMom saidI was her favorite.2.It sucks, little doeThat I hit youWith my carBut at least You weren't aliveTo watch the huntersShoot your children3.He was a trouble maker, okayAnd didn't know whenTo shut upStill,We never would have killed himIf we'd known he was the Lord

  2. That's a really good poem, Zach, thanks for sharing it. I read it about a week ago when you first commented it, but I just reread it now and finally, really *got* it, and I'm flattered that I reminded you of it.

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