Yellow and I have produced another masterpeice:

See the original piece right here, or just read below:

I’d never been interviewed before, though I’d practiced my concered-yet-whimsical expressions in the mirror for years. So, when I was asked “Do you think of yourself as an Otter Pop or a gum-in-a-pack-of-baseball-cards kind of person?” I shrewdly replied, ” Gum is what’s left when life’s chewed you up.” I thought for a minute and added, “and I am the flavor the gum retains.” There was a flash of recognition, the taste of understanding was in the air, so I said “I understand that we both understand, but I feel that to fully comprehend we need asparthame and some cherry flavoring.” It was a strange way to respond during what would become my most important interview, but the response was reassuring, ” No matter what you do, you’re doing it.” After it was all done, I thought about how random and ridiculous life can be, removed my old gum from the table, grabbed my baseball cards, and left.


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