Wow. This time Yellow and I have outdone ourselves.

Words and pacing, the ability to set the correct beat, to ease the transition from present into past. I watch this and wonder if it’s better to look back while moving forward or to move back while looking forward. We moved in circles when we were younger, making stories out of the twists and turns of life. Thinking of this, and wondering if one can untangles one’s self from the gyre of “tenses,” I mused that maybe the past had presented an opportunity for a future disaster, but as long as I had Mr. Fusion & a flux capacitor, a giant speaker & Huey Lewis and the News, I could arrive back in time for my favorite ending. It’s funny, I thought for a moment, how much we focus on beginnings, making room for their possibility, when it’s the endings that take the most work. Planning ahead for the past, I’m readying for a grand finale.


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