I sympathize with a character
and for you

with whom I am far apart.


You adapt to a story
from a beginning.

Your story may lose an opportunity
to finish in opposition and suspense.

You answer too many questions
before having the time.


She won’t be strong enough to endure,
to accept her memory contentedly.

He found a picture at art school and
it helped with his talent focusing.

The marriage was troubled
by an opposition of a class and

he was divorced after a year
of threatening. It is the reason why

she avoided attractive men.
He is merciful at least and is short.


Thus I am deeper

a little.

Why all these uproars

about falling in a production,

a story at the beginning of a story?

You will provide with an answer to a question

before getting the chance that a reader asks for.


If an intelligent conclusion comes,
I will ask it, “is it connected with the chandelier?”

I will state it positively.
I think about it all the time.

If an intelligent conclusion comes,
and you follow it, I will ask it

to state it positively, because
he makes a point, or is going to

gradually get closer to nothing.
And a capsule falls from the sky

and goes ashore in a paragraph.
If it is accompanied with a change

in psychology. The leading role
can’t always choose a destination.
Text found and here
and bastardized here

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