Spilled milk oil song code,
fixed latch, the trend pit’s insight,
roles outweigh my breath.

Roles outweigh my milk
oil spilled song code, the trend pit’s
fixed latch in sight.

Fixed latch outweighs milk,
oil in trend pits, the spilled song’s
role, my code.

My role in spilled milk,
oiled song pits, the fixed latch, trends
weighed out.

Weigh the oil spill fix,
my song pit trend, roles latched in

Roles spilled. Fix the latch.
My weight in trends. Song pit oil.

Song pit roles spill trends.
My weigh-in. The fixed latch.

The fixed roles in song
weigh my spilled trend pit.

Trends in the spilled roles,
My song weight fixed.

Weigh my trends in spills.
The song’s role.

The songs weigh my spills
in trends.

The spill, my song weighs

My weight spills the song.

The spills weigh me.

Weigh the spills.

The weight.


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