NPM 11

1. Tetris : Imprinting Itself on my Eyelids When I’m Trying to Fall Asleep :: A Formal Education : __________

  • A) a constant feeling of alienation when speaking to the “layman”
  • B) a debt load disproportionate to a projected income
  • C) the annoying smirk I get when I bypass the “why can’t a spoon just be a spoon?” question by declaring “there is no spoon.”
  • D) the belief that emulating analogy problems is in any way a witty or clever approach to poetry.

2. The End of Life : Unfinished Business :: Being Insulted : __________

  • A) a secret admiration for the aesthetic symmetry of said barb
  • B) the thing I did to deserve the insult
  • C) the two hours it takes for me to have a witty comeback
  • D) the surprise I feel in dreams when I am naked in a room full of clothes, eyeballs, and indifference

3. Nachos : Memories of watching Beavis and Butthead in my teens :: Meaning : __________

  • A) the ability to guess a friend’s favorite Muppet
  • B) the hum of a TV on mute
  • C) the bottle of Arby’s sauce my friend stole and left in my dorm, and our idea to use to fill our Dorito’s 3-D’s
  • D) the feeling I got the first time I recorded a harmony to my own lead.

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