NPM 16 – Song Lyric Edition

I’ve owed these lyrics to the band for a little bit:


I hear that you’re all burnt out.
You’re growing roots and settling down
Remember when we rode the winds?
The pushpins showing where we’ve been.

Now see these chambers they flood.
The air will color our blood,
so when did you first forget
to breathe?

The corners of this map are folding in,
blank journal’s pages yellowing
Remember all the adventures we had?
You can settle but don’t forget our past.

We’ve changed the way water runs.
We’ve generated our luck,
and when the valleys would flood
we’d breathe.

2 responses to “NPM 16 – Song Lyric Edition

  1. When I read this again, I really like the last verse, and the second as well.

  2. Those are my favorites too. I have ideas for fixing the first and third, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

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