NPM 20 – Lyrics

Atoms and time drawn together on a line
split the difference, clear the mind.
Let guilty conscience fall behind.

When you were five
did you think that when you died
you’d be the words that you can’t find
always one syllable behind?

Did you want something to show for it,
a little proof of ownership?
Can’t negotiate your way out
or spin the planet backwards

because you’re yesterday’s news
the paper blowing down the sidewalk
the joke you told to everybody
the sequel no one saw.

You can point out anything you please
but your arms expanding by degrees
only mark the distance from the day you found

that you’re worthless and you know it,
surrendered all your ownership.
You’ve lost the leg you stand on
so limp off towards the sunset

because you’re yesterdays news

2 responses to “NPM 20 – Lyrics

  1. ouch. Burn. Is this for the new one you were working on?

  2. I've been kicking some of the music around since way back when you and I were playing guitar at your old place, but I finally figured out how to put it together yesterday, or at least the basics of it.

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