NPM 22

Another (possible) thesis preview:

Down the Void

Emergency Exits are located near each stairwell.

Good thing I stayed awake for the training video.

Vacuum tubes made of six-inch plastic walls, and

if I didn’t say riding one was my dream, I’d be lying.


and I always loved how in the old 60s Batman show

Bruce Wayne could disappear down a hole

and emerge at the bottom a new man.

As if it were a given a man could change

wardrobe and persona so rapidly mid-descent,

as if holding a fire pole explained the process.

But a quick cut on screen is an eternity

in the experience. The Void caught us

and carried us down and everything

was the same on every floor we passed,

as if we were just dropping out

the bottom and coming back out on top

like first-person Pac-Man, dying to get out,

or at least to escape our ghosts.


Dad was waiting for me at the bottom, but

I could barely recognize him in the darkness.

All around us were big semi trucks, the word

CARGO stenciled in the side in black, offset

by the white of the trailers. Had there been more

light I would have seen him limping, a trail of

blood speckling the oil slicks on the concrete.

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