Welcome to My Apartment

What I didn’t tell you about yesterday was the bigfoot sighting. I had been sitting in my apartment, minding my own business when I heard something stirring in the bushes. I set my laptop down and instinctively grabbed my camera. One never knows what one might find lurking in the bushes.

I nudged open my patio door and heard something to my right. I reeled around and snapped off a shot. There was a loud Grrrrraaauuggh! I fell back, and that’s the last thing I remember.

I came to, and fortunately my camera was still intact. I looked around. Footprints trailed off into the bushes. Eager to discover what exactly I had taken a photo of, I quickly imported the photo onto my camera. The results will shock you:

Yup, it was my old pal Chewbacca. Chewie and I go way back. I first met him when I was living in Seattle, must have been about 2006. I was walking from my shoebox apartment in Belltown up to Capitol Hill to see a chap who I’d been recording at the time play a show. On the sidewalk was a plastic grocery bag full of Star Wars and Star Trek toys (that’s right, they intermingle).

I resisted the urge to just grab the whole bag, which, if you know me, was not easy to do. But there was a certain Wookie whose work I was familiar with that I wanted to track down. Sure enough, he was there, and we became fast friends. He always has a position of prominence in my living room.

Speaking of intermingling, it wasn’t uncommon for my Star Trektoys to hook up with my big sister’s Barbies. One time I threw my Lt. Commander Worf toy down the hallway, breaking him to several pieces. We put the parts on the bed in Barbie’s Beach House and said he had “Worfitis”. If there were coroner’s reports for my toys, Worfitis was certainly the most common cause of death.

3 responses to “Welcome to My Apartment

  1. Oh, my best friend Kevin's Ninja Turtles and my Barbies? Couldn't keep them apart. Must me the green.

  2. You should've grabbed the whole bag!

  3. I like to think of the bag as the Sarlaac pit, where the rest of the toys were doomed to be slowly digested over the course of 1000 years.

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