Welcome to My Apartment – What’s Missing

Camera is still down. The problem is either with the memory card or the card reader. Not sure which. I’ll have to buy some stuff tomorrow.

So, since the images are missing, this is about missing things, about the things that never find a home in your home, relegated to the closet or shoved underneath the bed. They sit there for years, surviving round after round of decluttering. They are things you’ll get around to someday, although when that someday comes all you do is get around to getting rid of them.

I think I was in 5th or 6th grade when I demanded a chin-up bar for Christmas, the kind that get mounted in door frames. I’d seen one at a friend’s house sometime that fall, and decided it was a very important thing to have. Sure enough I got, but we were missing some mundane part that prevented us from mounting it, so it sat in my parents’ closet for at least a year, maybe two, before we got around trying to put it up.

It took us about two seconds to realize that my door frame was too narrow to support the mounts, and in fact there wasn’t a suitable door frame in the entire house that worked. The chin-up bar had no place in this home, and yet it went back to my parents’ closet after that, or maybe it ended up in the garage, I seem to remember it both ways.

I’m not sure how long it lingered, but it certainly gained seniority among our many ignominious possessions.

Also I don’t know how or when we got rid of it, just that I got used to seeing it not being used, and then one day it was gone.

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