Yellowand I have struck again:

I’m stuck on this notion that the horror is in the revelation, and I really want to show you something. What do you want to see? I could show you the way words tumble off each other like waterfalls, but I often like the clink clank of letters that beat against each other within the words, like marbles knocked about – somehow remaining inside the game circle. Today, unexpectedly, I took down a note to myself, lines lingering on the post-it pad that had long since lost its adhesiveness. Something tells me I won’t remember to check the note, but it’s not yet time to check it anyway. I’ve long forgotten what it said, but if you were me, and if listened to letters, you’d know that it’s more than waterfalls – words waffling on the page. You might, if you were me, find the scribbled scrap street-side and add your own line, a note to yourself that begins with an end.

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