Yellow and I finished another Frankenstorytoday. For some reason, I feel like this wraps up the blog year quite well:

I was reading a long list just now about things to do to change my day. One item suggested that I carry a camera everywhere I go so people see me differently. Another said to collect everyday objects. Don’t I already? I turned my thoughts to the jar of half-chewed, half-used pencils but couldn’t help thinking about the box of tiny white fortunes. I wondered if daily Kung Pao made those little paper verses of hope and comedy something more commonplace. The other day I read a page that said if you hang your hangers backwards once a year, you’ll know which clothes you never wear. I have two shirts I wouldn’t throw away even after that long. It’s the everyday objects that get you, I thought; they become their own fortunes. Considering minimalism and the thrill found in one room, bed, chair, and book, I picked up a used eraser from the ground and began again.

See you on the flipside everybody. I should have my first post of the new year up tomorrow.

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