National Poetry Month, 25 – Live: Collecting Thoughts Through the Day

If you catch this blog early in the afternoon today, you’ll get to see this post evolve. I want to see what liveblogging a poem throughout the day is like. I’m just going to write little snippets as they occur to me.


I’ve always thought of a Tea Party
as a place where children go
to make things up
and learn how to gossip.


The greatest thing
— by far —
that imperialism
ever gave the planet
was Freddie Mercury.


Am I crazy to think
there’s money to be made
selling spammers access
to your accounts
in half-hour increments?


A woman wanted for stealing
a styrofoam banana
from a Wisconsin gas station
while wearing a gorilla suit
will not be charged.


While washing the dishes
the coffee mug asked me
“What if the Hokey Pokey
really is what it’s all about?”

I’m okay with that.


I had to stop myself
from making faces
at what this chick was
doing to her sandwich.


an object
can be

the thought
of which
whelms me.

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