The Most I’ve Ever Made from a Poem

Last April, I had the pleasure of attending an event by A River & Sound Review at the hallowed grounds of the Make.Shift Art Space (where I am also a volunteer).

The night was a lot of fun, poetry performed with life and a wink, and broken up by interactive events such as live music, commercials (courtesy of the editors at the Bellingham Review), and spontaneous poetry contest.

The rules to the contest were simple. We were provided with a list of five words—fist, crocodile, mileage, mystic, and pubes. Then, we were given I think four or five minutes to write a poem that incorporated those words. The winner got a $25 gift card to Village Books and the opportunity to read the poem to the crowd towards the end of the event.

Well, much to my surprise (these contests are meant to be fun, not to produce life-changing poetic flourishes), I was the night’s lucky winner. I can’t say there’s anything special about it, but we don’t often get rewarded for writing poems, so I’ll take all the accolades I can get. Plus hey, free gift card.

You can score just as much mileage with a miss, losing money hand over fist, but what a mys-tic moment we have stretching out the years, while the well-intentioned cry crocodile tears over their loss. We mark a man by the pubes he’s lost, the twig and berries like a broccoli stalk.

Here’s hoping the good vibes continue. In the meantime, download “The Diegesis,” my chapbook with Joshua Young which we released via Gold Wake Press earlier this year.

Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the release of the complete Diegesis, coming April 1, 2013 through Gold Wake Press (what an awesome release date).

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