Poem: “Copy of a Copy”

Today I finally got my contributor’s copies from Alligator Juniper, which includes my poem “A Copy of a Copy.”

The poem was part of my thesis project in 2010, titled The Tower, a novel-in-verse set in a post-apocalyptic zombie dreamscape and rife with pop culture references and daddy issues. Poets gotta have those daddy issues.

The 2011 issue of Alligator Juniper looks great, too. Nice layout, glossy paper, and what looks to be a lot of other good work in it. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it to see what it has to offer. And of course, I can’t hold it against them for being a year late getting the books to me. As the former Managing Editor at the Bellingham Review, I understand that sometimes these things just happen at a student journal. Like anyone else, I just like seeing my name in print!

Anyway, here’s the poem:

A Copy of a Copy

to think

that we only

of dreams
if they follow

certain rules.

The picture has to be blurry, or muddled in some way. Fisheye lenses are handy
but a dab of Vaseline smeared around the edge of a normal lens works in a pinch.

Another method is the super surreal, the downright Lynchian, something like a cupcake feeding Spaghettio’s to an ostrich wearing boxing trunks while giving an interview to the Prime Minister on a blustery Wednesday afternoon and you remember it was a Wednesday specifically because the girl your parents said used to have a crush on you in the second grade kept saying “Wacky Wednesday!” over and over while sculpting a rabbit from discarded cassette tapes

for me
it’s just
an image

a feeling
or memory
of a feeling.

When watching a movie the viewer sees equal parts film and white space alternating at 24 frames/sec, but our brains don’t process the blank spots. The illusion is seamless.

Lately I’ve been feeling as if someone has been sneaking into the cutting room and splicing only the most memorable parts of the best scenes of an otherwise formulaic flick into a two-minute trailer

and somewhere in the back of my mind I know that after the throngs on opening day I’ll be on basic cable, heavily censored with commercial breaks seven minutes apart, timed perfectly to interrupt the poignancy of every major scene.


You like it? Please comment below!

Want more poetry? Download my chapbook, “The Diegesis,” for free! Full collection out via Gold Wake Press in April.

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