Heavy Feather Review Features (and Reviews) the Diegesis

The very friendly folks at the Heavy Feather Review have recently released Issue 2.1 of their journal, which features several pages from The Diegesis, among many other wonderful poets. I highly recommend checking it out and supporting a great new journal.

To further compound the honor, Heavy Feather also posted their review of The Diegesis. I’m not used to seeing people talk about the things I do, so it was a fun experience. I’ve been warned about not reading too many of your own reviews though, so we’ll see how I react when we get our first negative one.

My favorite part of the review? When a poem of mine that I almost cut from the collection gets singled out as a strong point. There is a certain beauty to multiple perspectives. I’m glad someone else liked that one, despite my own reservations.

Pre-order The Diegesis a collaborative poetry documentary with myself and Joshua Young, at SPD BooksAmazon, and Barnes & Noble

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