Your Move, National Poetry Month: Write ME a Poem Today – Day 6 of 30

Since this thing began, I’ve been setting myself a timer and making sure I write until it is up, no matter what.

It’s a great exercise, and I almost always find something valuable when I’m sifting through later.

But, last night I wanted to change things up, because it’s good not to feel beholden to one approach just because that’s what you started with.

So, I decided to set a goal instead. One thing I’ve been focusing on as I reenter my zombie collection is counterpoints, countermovements, counter narratives. Anything with a counter in it.

Aside from working on another narrative thread, I’d love to add some short moments, like flashes of things you’re not quite sure what to make of.

To accomplish this, I set a simple goal. Here’s your writing prompt for the day: write five poems with five lines each.

Try it, and maybe post one of the poems in the comments section below.

I’m going to give you “remixes” of the five I wrote. It’s high time I return to the mistranslations game.

3 responses to “Your Move, National Poetry Month: Write ME a Poem Today – Day 6 of 30

  1. Because this ship winds safely, but not to shore,
    I throw a rope for the rest
    of us, of the path, of the lines mapped out
    against an inky blue spot on the page,
    too dark to be the ocean, to light to be the night.

    -yellow ( I added to the challenge: 5 lines, 5 minutes, no edits)

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