It’s Time for Mistranslations. National Poetry Month – Day 7 of 30

Yesterday I said I tried a writing prompt. It yielded a lot of material, which I sadly can’t show you. I did, however, run that material through an online translator, so for the next five days you’re getting remixes. Enjoy!

[Patient #1]
It seems to be a sound of a helicopter, a right?

[appearing don’t have Patient #2]
You can hear them by a movie.

I talk about something which is impossible,
which should multiply a thing of the alliance

—do it
(and do it)—

please like it.

I know a sound of a ball leaving a park in the middle of June,
but I don’t know a sound of no ball leaving a park either,

but it is a sound of a kind disappointing that I don’t hear it.
You don’t obtain it here.


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