A Belated Music Announcement – The Rise of Amniotic Buzzsaw


The past several months I’ve been working on finishing an album that I recorded with my friend Jake Frye (of Jesus on the Moon fame) while we were both still grad students at Western Washington University back in 2009–10. That’s a long time to sit on recordings, I know, but we were so proud of them that we knew we had to do some sort of formal release eventually. But first we had to master the tracks, and then we had to have album art done. And doing all that stuff in your spare time usually makes it take time.

And then when we finally got it out a few weeks ago, I forgot to share it here on my blog, though I shared it just about everywhere else. So, I present to you the first full-length album I’ve actually completed: Amniotic Buzzsaw’s With Pluto Gone, What’s to Become of Uranus?

There are some really great stories behind the creation of each song. We had an approach that we called “the Buzzsaw Way,” a process by which we’d get together and create a different set of obstructions for the writing of each song. It was all very structured—but very spontaneous. I’d highly recommend checking out the Amniotic Buzzsaw website to learn what it was all about.

And, if you feel like checking us out other places:

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