About Me

Chas Hoppe: posing in front of graffiti like it’s 1989.

Hi. I am Chas Hoppe. If you squeeze my first and last names together, it sounds like “Choppy.” I am Choppy. I rock.

I rock at:

  • Editing, copywriting, ghost writing, research, and content management
  • Working with DIY and self-published authors
  • Publishing, poetry, and music
  • Making breakfast foods—especially breakfast for dinner

I don’t rock so much at:

  • Golfing
  • Explaining astrophysics
  • Gardening

I like to have fun with my clients and help them craft content that is clear, professional, and exciting. From print works to press releases, from blog posts to video content, I’ve written and edited a little bit of it all. Projects I have worked on have appeared in HowStuffWorks, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and TEDx. As an editor, I am well-versed in all major style guides, including Chicago, AP, APA, and MLA.

I especially enjoy editing genre fiction and memoir, although I have extensive experience with more academic texts—such as dissertations, theses, and historical nonfiction. As a seasoned copywriter, I have produced works from press releases and short articles to ebooks and full-length nonfiction works for private clients, newspapers, magazines, content firms, and major publishers.

My most recent creative publication credits include Pretty Owl Poetry, Salt Hill Journal, Spork, and Oyez Review. In 2013, Gold Wake Press released The Diegesis, a poetry collection written in the style of a film documentary in collaboration with poet Joshua Young. I am the former managing editor of Bellingham Review and current poetry editor of Heavy Feather Review.

To learn more about my professional history and see some examples of my work, check out my LinkedIn page. If you have a project yourself that you’d like help with, I’d love to hear more about it.

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