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Christmas Time at ChoppyRocks

Hey Everybody. A happy holidays to you. I thought I’d share this stupid awesome video with you as my little way of celebrating another successful solstice season. This is my fourth year doing Christmas covers of songs from 90s bands, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping the tradition anytime soon. So, I’ve included not only this year’s, but all the previous years just for good measure. It’s an amazing study in the annals of my facial hair too!

Stay jolly. Stay safe. Stay un-sober. Watch out for Drunk Uncle.

The Flaming Lips – “Christmas at the Zoo”

Weezer – “Christmas Song”

Pearl Jam – “Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time)”

Local H – “Disgruntled Christmas”

90s Off – Catchup

Yay, more 90s off. Not only have I missed posting here recently, but I’ve also missed my favorite method of time-waste. So, to recap:

Hoffie, with Everclear’s “Strawberry”

Hoffie again, with the Eels’ “Climbing to the Moon”

These happened over a month ago, but today the Bearded One chimed in with Dr. Dre’s (and covered by Ben Folds) “Bitches Ain’t Shit”

I was inspired, so I went for the Fugees’ “Mista Mista”

Fun round all in all. Me approves.

It’s a 90s Off Christmas

Hairy Christmas and a Happy New Beard to everyone. It’s been a good year.

90s Off, Special Edition: This is Halloween

Well, this came out rough, but I have to follow the code of the 90s off. Turns out this tune has more chords than… something that has a lot of chords in it.

Here is Danny Elfman’s “This is Halloween,” and me being a big loser. Happy Halloween everyone.

90s Off: It’s a Celebration

Hoffie pointed out several days ago that it was the first anniversary of the 90s Off when he posted this video, a medley of every song off Radiohead’s OK Computer:

OK 90s Off from Susie Derkins on Vimeo.

I was humbled and so proud of our little baby for reaching this milestone (in this region, the infant mortality rate is exceptionally high). So, I decided to do a medley as well, playing a song from each year of the 90s:

90s Off – Anniversary Medley! from Choppyrocks on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for Halloween. I can’t speak for the rest of the crew, but I’ve got a good one coming.

90s Off

Well, Hoffie began with this:

and then today the Bearded One came back with this old standard:

and then I was bored so I figured I’d do this:

and then our new entry into the game, Mr. Josh Browning came in with this:

90s Off

Me with Soul Asylum’s “Black Gold”