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A Farewell From Anyway, Soon

About a year and a half ago, my band, Anyway, Soon set out to record what was intended to be our first and final album. The duties of real life were taking their priority with members moving to different area codes, but we wanted to set down our final batch of songs as a sort of record of what we had done.

Sadly, although the recording process generally went very well, by the time everyone had dispersed, we just hadn’t gotten far along enough on the tracks to release a complete album, as intended. We did finish this one song though, which you can listen to below.

There are rough mixes of the other songs on our drummer/engineer’s Soundcloud page. It was a blast playing with these guys, and if I had one regret, it’s that I never found myself able to commit the amount of time/effort into the project as it deserved. But such is life.

New (Old) Video

My drummer just posted this the other day. This is us playing “From the Sands of a Concrete Shore.” I want to say this was from our first Cabin show, but it might have been our second.

I do remember, however, that this performance is significant for the fact that I do not use my slide, which I usually do. I had put the slide in my pocket so I wouldn’t lose it, but then when it came time to play the song I’d forgotten where I put it, so I just winged it.

What’s Up

So today my band Anyway, Soon was reviewed in What’s Up! Magazine, which you can read here. I just wanted to share the news. It’s so rare to actually here stranger say anything about my music that I tend to get all giddy when something like this happens.

I’ve been taking more steps to solidify this group lately, including a more active share in writing and (finally) helping to look for shows. I promised I would do this when I finished grad school, so I’m happy to be making good on that. More importantly tough, I’m having more fun with the group now than I ever have during our short one-and-a-half year history. In my opinion, our new songs are much stronger than our old ones, and I can’t wait to have recordings for all of you to hear.

If you haven’t noticed, you can listen to my band on the sidebar, or you can go here to buy a copy(yay for shameless self promotion). If you want to make me more giddy, you can tell me what your favorite song is in the comments thread.

Lyrics: Listless

Here I orbit round a thought
in gravity’s ellipses
I am trailing off.
I can will the time to pass away
drifting listless through the day
but what to say to you?

And in this satellite I bide my time.

Let’s pull the covers overhead
poke hole into the sheets
and fall asleep
counting all the shapes
the constellations that we name
for all the people
in our dreams

And in this satellite I bide my time.

There’s always a distance between
the things I say and the message received
but even light years can’t change
the time it takes until your ear’s in range.

Anyway, Soon @ the Cabin, 8/8/10

Here is how our show ended last night, and there was much rejoicing.

NPM 16 – Song Lyric Edition

I’ve owed these lyrics to the band for a little bit:


I hear that you’re all burnt out.
You’re growing roots and settling down
Remember when we rode the winds?
The pushpins showing where we’ve been.

Now see these chambers they flood.
The air will color our blood,
so when did you first forget
to breathe?

The corners of this map are folding in,
blank journal’s pages yellowing
Remember all the adventures we had?
You can settle but don’t forget our past.

We’ve changed the way water runs.
We’ve generated our luck,
and when the valleys would flood
we’d breathe.

Still Listening

Here’s a video of me and Marc that I didn’t know existed. Yay.