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Let’s hear it for #AWP14! Where I’ll be, and where you should be too

Well, well, well. It’s time for AWP 2014 in my backyard of Seattle! Sure seems like this town and state in general have been rising in the ranks of national esteem lately, so the timing of this conference just feels so, so right to me. I’m very excited to be representing Cascadia poets everywhere, and although it’s always nice to travel to other locales (Boston was great last year), the hometown pride factor is pretty cool too.

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New poem in A River & Sound Review, an Honor, and Other News

When you’re a submitting writer, it’s part of the natural course of things that some weeks go better than others. Rejections usually come in bunches, and they come more frequently in the fall, when school is back in, journals are opening for submissions, and everyone is looking to get a head start on the coming year’s work load.

Having occupied many roles in the publication cycle, from the rejector to the rejectee, the acceptor to the acceptee, I am quite fascinated and appreciative of the whole process. A lot of work goes in at all ends, making the moments when it all comes together that much more worth it.

New poem in Issue 9 of River & Sound Review 

Last week, my poem “The White Between the Frames” was featured in Issue 9 of A River and Sound Review. This crew doesn’t operate too far from me, and about a year and a half ago I had the honor of winning their five minute poem challenge. The editing team was a real treat to work with on some revisions of the poem, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable publication processes I’ve ever been a part of.

So, if you haven’t already, please take the time to read through their latest issue, and if you don’t already, follow them on Twitter (@RSRSeattle) and Facebook. Poetry editor Michael Schmeltzer runs the show online, and he’s always ready with a good quip or a Philosoraptor-worthy question. But yeah, check ’em out and tell them what good work they do.

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Heavy Feather Review Features (and Reviews) the Diegesis

The very friendly folks at the Heavy Feather Review have recently released Issue 2.1 of their journal, which features several pages from The Diegesis, among many other wonderful poets. I highly recommend checking it out and supporting a great new journal.

To further compound the honor, Heavy Feather also posted their review of The Diegesis. I’m not used to seeing people talk about the things I do, so it was a fun experience. I’ve been warned about not reading too many of your own reviews though, so we’ll see how I react when we get our first negative one.

My favorite part of the review? When a poem of mine that I almost cut from the collection gets singled out as a strong point. There is a certain beauty to multiple perspectives. I’m glad someone else liked that one, despite my own reservations.

Pre-order The Diegesis a collaborative poetry documentary with myself and Joshua Young, at SPD BooksAmazon, and Barnes & Noble

Book Trailer: The Diegesis

A month left to go until Gold Wake Press releases The Diegesis, a poetry collection between myself and the word factory known as Joshua Young.

Today, we are happy to share the trailer with you, which was produced by Caleb Young.

You can preorder The Diegesis at SPD Books, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Let me know what you think about the trailer in the comments section below.

What’s Up

So today my band Anyway, Soon was reviewed in What’s Up! Magazine, which you can read here. I just wanted to share the news. It’s so rare to actually here stranger say anything about my music that I tend to get all giddy when something like this happens.

I’ve been taking more steps to solidify this group lately, including a more active share in writing and (finally) helping to look for shows. I promised I would do this when I finished grad school, so I’m happy to be making good on that. More importantly tough, I’m having more fun with the group now than I ever have during our short one-and-a-half year history. In my opinion, our new songs are much stronger than our old ones, and I can’t wait to have recordings for all of you to hear.

If you haven’t noticed, you can listen to my band on the sidebar, or you can go here to buy a copy(yay for shameless self promotion). If you want to make me more giddy, you can tell me what your favorite song is in the comments thread.