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New poem in A River & Sound Review, an Honor, and Other News

When you’re a submitting writer, it’s part of the natural course of things that some weeks go better than others. Rejections usually come in bunches, and they come more frequently in the fall, when school is back in, journals are opening for submissions, and everyone is looking to get a head start on the coming year’s work load.

Having occupied many roles in the publication cycle, from the rejector to the rejectee, the acceptor to the acceptee, I am quite fascinated and appreciative of the whole process. A lot of work goes in at all ends, making the moments when it all comes together that much more worth it.

New poem in Issue 9 of River & Sound Review 

Last week, my poem “The White Between the Frames” was featured in Issue 9 of A River and Sound Review. This crew doesn’t operate too far from me, and about a year and a half ago I had the honor of winning their five minute poem challenge. The editing team was a real treat to work with on some revisions of the poem, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable publication processes I’ve ever been a part of.

So, if you haven’t already, please take the time to read through their latest issue, and if you don’t already, follow them on Twitter (@RSRSeattle) and Facebook. Poetry editor Michael Schmeltzer runs the show online, and he’s always ready with a good quip or a Philosoraptor-worthy question. But yeah, check ’em out and tell them what good work they do.

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Zombie Poem Infects Pismire Poetry


About two weeks ago, my zombie poem “Secret Origin” graced the seventh flight of Pismire Poetry. And for my second publication credit in a row, I’m featured alongside Nick Courtright.

Pismire has a pretty great aesthetic. You call in to their Google phone number, where a robot prompts you to leave a poem as a message. And then you do just that. It’s pretty fun to listen to garbled voicemails as poems, so I suggest you go check it out.

New Poems in Columbia Poetry Review #26!

Over the weekend, I got the latest issue of the Columbia Poetry Review (#26). Besides looking great and being nice and thick, it’s got works by some poets who were pretty influential to me right around the time I actually started taking this whole poetry thing seriously. Okay, semi-seriously. No wait, I mean I don’t take myself seriously.

Specifically, the poets I’m talking about are Oliver de la Paz, whose advice was invaluable to me while he was on my thesis committee, and Rae Armantrout, who is a lot people’s hero and probably doesn’t need me to gush.

But I will anyway: I’m in the issue too, and I can’t believe that I share a book cover with her, and that we’ve both got zombies on the brain (pun intended). I’m grateful to my thesis chair, Bruce Beasley, for introducing me to her work, and I’m grateful to all the editors at CPR (some of whom I got to meet at AWP Boston this year) for accepting my poems “HELP WANTED” and “Earlier.”

It’s a great feeling to see some of my zombies show up in print. And you know, once there’s one zombie, they tend to multiply. Here’s hoping more of them will be showing up in the coming year or so.

Flipping through, I also see poems by J.A. Tyler of Mud Luscious Press and fellow Gold Wake Press labelmate Nick Courtright. Both of these guys deserve high fives and candy. Unless they don’t like candy. Then maybe pizza or something.

Was that a good enough sales pitch? Let me make it super clear and easy for you:

Click here to subscribe to Columbia Poetry Review

You shant regret it.

You’re Not Cool Unless You Write Zombie Haiku – National Poetry Month (#NaPoMo), Day 29

Well, we’re almost done. I tell you, as I’ve been working away on my zombie manuscript this month, the one thing I’m pretty sure of is that I’ve got a lot more writing to do. However, I think I’m going to use next month to edit what I have, and then come up with plan from there.

Here’s some more zombie haiku for you, but I know you frigging love these things.

2013-04-29 01.19.31

Zombie Zombie Zombie Haikuuuuuu! – National Poetry Month (#NaPoMo), Day 24

Still going strong on the 30 in 30 challenge. Last night, my prompt was just to record snippets that might get overheard in my little zombie world. I ended up with about 800 words worth. Nice.

Enjoy some more zombie haiku. On the house.

2013-04-24 23.17.43

Your Move, National Poetry Month: Write ME a Poem Today – Day 6 of 30

Since this thing began, I’ve been setting myself a timer and making sure I write until it is up, no matter what.

It’s a great exercise, and I almost always find something valuable when I’m sifting through later.

But, last night I wanted to change things up, because it’s good not to feel beholden to one approach just because that’s what you started with.

So, I decided to set a goal instead. One thing I’ve been focusing on as I reenter my zombie collection is counterpoints, countermovements, counter narratives. Anything with a counter in it.

Aside from working on another narrative thread, I’d love to add some short moments, like flashes of things you’re not quite sure what to make of.

To accomplish this, I set a simple goal. Here’s your writing prompt for the day: write five poems with five lines each.

Try it, and maybe post one of the poems in the comments section below.

I’m going to give you “remixes” of the five I wrote. It’s high time I return to the mistranslations game.

Zombies Show up for National Poetry Month – Day 5 of 30

For me, zombies have been showing up every day this poetry month as I work toward finishing this silly collection of mine. But today you get a zombie haiku.

2013-04-04 23.16.19

I used this as a warmup for the actual writing afterwards, but I’m actually thinking about creating space in my collection for some of these little snippets. What do you think?