Mission Statement

There is a famous TED Talk by Simon Sinek in which he repeats the phrase, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” He’s probably not the first person to express this idea, but of course a good idea has many champions, and this one in particular has always felt worth remembering.

So let’s get it our there: why do I do what I do?

I care about who I work for and what their goals are. The rise of the digital era has put an incredible demand on the consistent production of shareable content across industries. Some of it is meant to be informative. Some of it is meant to be creative. Both are equally valuable, and in my life I have happily occupied both worlds.

The number of freelance professionals such as myself is growing rapidly to meet the seemingly ever-growing demand for content. While some of these professionals are happy to take whatever opportunities become available (and more power to them), I choose to pursue opportunities only when it is clear that my goals and those of a potential client align.

Knowledge is power, the saying goes, but as Uncle Ben said to a young Peter Parker, with great power must come great responsibility. Humankind’s body of knowledge is rapidly expanding in myriad directions, and I have made it a professional imperative not just to put words out there because they’re attached to a paycheck (although it’s always nice to pay the bills), but because they have cultural value to those who will read them.

Knowledge should be more than power; it should be empowering.

To learn more about the kinds of projects I’ve worked on, check out my CV on  LinkedIn. I do what I can to keep it current-ish.

If you think I sound like an all right guy and have a project you’d like to run by me, I’d love to hear about it.

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