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A Belated Music Announcement – The Rise of Amniotic Buzzsaw


The past several months I’ve been working on finishing an album that I recorded with my friend Jake Frye (of Jesus on the Moon fame) while we were both still grad students at Western Washington University back in 2009–10. That’s a long time to sit on recordings, I know, but we were so proud of them that we knew we had to do some sort of formal release eventually. But first we had to master the tracks, and then we had to have album art done. And doing all that stuff in your spare time usually makes it take time.

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A Farewell From Anyway, Soon

About a year and a half ago, my band, Anyway, Soon set out to record what was intended to be our first and final album. The duties of real life were taking their priority with members moving to different area codes, but we wanted to set down our final batch of songs as a sort of record of what we had done.

Sadly, although the recording process generally went very well, by the time everyone had dispersed, we just hadn’t gotten far along enough on the tracks to release a complete album, as intended. We did finish this one song though, which you can listen to below.

There are rough mixes of the other songs on our drummer/engineer’s Soundcloud page. It was a blast playing with these guys, and if I had one regret, it’s that I never found myself able to commit the amount of time/effort into the project as it deserved. But such is life.

Poem: “Copy of a Copy”

Today I finally got my contributor’s copies from Alligator Juniper, which includes my poem “A Copy of a Copy.”

The poem was part of my thesis project in 2010, titled The Tower, a novel-in-verse set in a post-apocalyptic zombie dreamscape and rife with pop culture references and daddy issues. Poets gotta have those daddy issues.

The 2011 issue of Alligator Juniper looks great, too. Nice layout, glossy paper, and what looks to be a lot of other good work in it. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it to see what it has to offer. And of course, I can’t hold it against them for being a year late getting the books to me. As the former Managing Editor at the Bellingham Review, I understand that sometimes these things just happen at a student journal. Like anyone else, I just like seeing my name in print!

Anyway, here’s the poem:

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The Most I’ve Ever Made from a Poem

Last April, I had the pleasure of attending an event by A River & Sound Review at the hallowed grounds of the Make.Shift Art Space (where I am also a volunteer).

The night was a lot of fun, poetry performed with life and a wink, and broken up by interactive events such as live music, commercials (courtesy of the editors at the Bellingham Review), and spontaneous poetry contest.

The rules to the contest were simple. We were provided with a list of five words—fist, crocodile, mileage, mystic, and pubes. Then, we were given I think four or five minutes to write a poem that incorporated those words. The winner got a $25 gift card to Village Books and the opportunity to read the poem to the crowd towards the end of the event.

Well, much to my surprise (these contests are meant to be fun, not to produce life-changing poetic flourishes), I was the night’s lucky winner. I can’t say there’s anything special about it, but we don’t often get rewarded for writing poems, so I’ll take all the accolades I can get. Plus hey, free gift card.

You can score just as much mileage with a miss, losing money hand over fist, but what a mys-tic moment we have stretching out the years, while the well-intentioned cry crocodile tears over their loss. We mark a man by the pubes he’s lost, the twig and berries like a broccoli stalk.

Here’s hoping the good vibes continue. In the meantime, download “The Diegesis,” my chapbook with Joshua Young which we released via Gold Wake Press earlier this year.

Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the release of the complete Diegesis, coming April 1, 2013 through Gold Wake Press (what an awesome release date).

I Miss You

Hello. I have been away for far too long. Had to go off and learn how to be a big, professional boy.

Gonna start posting to this site again soon. Redesigning some things in it now.

Good stuff is happening though. Got a chapbook out with the amazing Joshua Young called “The Diegesis.” You can check it out at Gold Wake Press here.

But what’s really cool, is that Gold Wake is putting out the full collection next April. I’ve put out a lot of books in the past year under different names, but this one will have my name on it, dammit.

In the meantime, here’s a disco song about hot man-on-narwhal action. You’re welcome.


It’s been a while, but Yellow and I are back.

If it begins, it begins with a letter. And if it begins with a letter, the letter should look like an “A” but sound like a “Q” with a speech impediment. So here, where it begins, I ask you: When these thoughts cause pause for plosive stops, how is it you ignore the tremors but ride out the aftershocks? Are we only safe in the aftermath, a line of taillights waiting for guidance from someone in a reflective coat? But then question comes, is it the fabric reflecting, or the person? Representation or consideration? The questions, like the letters, are out of order and cannot be trusted. So for now I’ll flip the “B” on its side and wear it like coke bottle glasses and swim these troubled cees just a bit longer. The cipher lies in the “A,” because we must always start from the beginning.

New (Old) Video

My drummer just posted this the other day. This is us playing “From the Sands of a Concrete Shore.” I want to say this was from our first Cabin show, but it might have been our second.

I do remember, however, that this performance is significant for the fact that I do not use my slide, which I usually do. I had put the slide in my pocket so I wouldn’t lose it, but then when it came time to play the song I’d forgotten where I put it, so I just winged it.