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What I’m Reading – June 2014 Edition

I love reading. I’d better. It’s sorta what I get paid to do. But with professional obligations to read and write, it’s sometimes difficult to remember to read and write for fun. But I’ve been making more of an effort lately, and I’ve made some headway through my substantial to-read list. Why not follow me on Goodreads to keep abreast of what’s going on with my bookshelf?

Here’s what I’ve finished lately, in no particular order.

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A Belated Music Announcement – The Rise of Amniotic Buzzsaw


The past several months I’ve been working on finishing an album that I recorded with my friend Jake Frye (of Jesus on the Moon fame) while we were both still grad students at Western Washington University back in 2009–10. That’s a long time to sit on recordings, I know, but we were so proud of them that we knew we had to do some sort of formal release eventually. But first we had to master the tracks, and then we had to have album art done. And doing all that stuff in your spare time usually makes it take time.

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AWP14 Thoughts, and a New Poem in the Oyez Review

I’m not one to complain about time. I’m not one to fall into the “I’m just too busy” trap, mostly because I tend not to look at my obligations as burdens. Saying you’re “too busy” tends to register as a complaint. I try not to say that because, well, I really like being busy. I like doing the things that suck up my time, and I like contributing to the different creative and professional worlds in which I’ve been given an opportunity to do so.

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New poem in A River & Sound Review, an Honor, and Other News

When you’re a submitting writer, it’s part of the natural course of things that some weeks go better than others. Rejections usually come in bunches, and they come more frequently in the fall, when school is back in, journals are opening for submissions, and everyone is looking to get a head start on the coming year’s work load.

Having occupied many roles in the publication cycle, from the rejector to the rejectee, the acceptor to the acceptee, I am quite fascinated and appreciative of the whole process. A lot of work goes in at all ends, making the moments when it all comes together that much more worth it.

New poem in Issue 9 of River & Sound Review 

Last week, my poem “The White Between the Frames” was featured in Issue 9 of A River and Sound Review. This crew doesn’t operate too far from me, and about a year and a half ago I had the honor of winning their five minute poem challenge. The editing team was a real treat to work with on some revisions of the poem, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable publication processes I’ve ever been a part of.

So, if you haven’t already, please take the time to read through their latest issue, and if you don’t already, follow them on Twitter (@RSRSeattle) and Facebook. Poetry editor Michael Schmeltzer runs the show online, and he’s always ready with a good quip or a Philosoraptor-worthy question. But yeah, check ’em out and tell them what good work they do.

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A Post in Which I Rank the Star Trek Movies and Offer a Silly Clip Show.

A couple years ago, I went on Netflix rampage, watching every episode of every Star Trek series (even the animated series)  in consecutive order. It was a crazy thing to do, and it took me well over a year to complete it.

With Into Darkness just about finishing up its theater run, I thought it would be fun to rank the films. I also took a little inspiration from my friend Diane’s FoliosNFlicks post on the franchise. I don’t think many will  find my list that surprising, and I’m sure some people will disagree with me on certain points. That’s fine. Those are always fun conversations.

So, here they are, from worst to best.

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Does My Book Need an Acknowledgments Section?

2013-06-08 19.32.19

Most clients I’ve worked with, whether they were involved in self-publishing projects or producing content for a large publisher, had a pretty good understanding of the basic process of putting out clean, professional work. By and large, they knew all the different components readers expected out of a book, and what they needed to do to put that together. There’s a good amount to keep track of, of course, and if you’re new to the process, it’s not uncommon that some of those things will be overlooked.

One such element I’ve noticed that authors forget or omit is the acknowledgments section. While technically optional, the acknowledgments section should be considered common courtesy, a way of recognizing the fact that no one makes a book entirely in a vacuum, and that a whole host of people helped you with your project along the way. Continue reading

Zombie Poem Infects Pismire Poetry


About two weeks ago, my zombie poem “Secret Origin” graced the seventh flight of Pismire Poetry. And for my second publication credit in a row, I’m featured alongside Nick Courtright.

Pismire has a pretty great aesthetic. You call in to their Google phone number, where a robot prompts you to leave a poem as a message. And then you do just that. It’s pretty fun to listen to garbled voicemails as poems, so I suggest you go check it out.