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4 Little Freelancing Tips

Here’s the thing about freelancing: If you’re considering it, you already know that you’re pretty darn good at something that a lot of people want. But being good at something is only part of being in business for yourself. How do you make money? How much should you expect to make? How do find clients—and what happens when they don’t pay you?

All these questions came up in a recent e-mail exchange in which I was recently involved. But these questions are helpful for anyone, so let’s talk about them. Continue reading

How Do I Become a Freelancer? A Grossly Incomplete Overview

In a few hours, I will be a guest in an editing and publishing class at Western Washington University, where I earned both my undergrad and graduate degrees and more or less got my writing and editing career started. Somehow, I am now considered some kind of authority and get to talk about how I’ve managed to fumble my way through a career as a wordsmith. Trust me, I like the feeling. But I’m just confused as to when people started asking for my advice on things.

I think the biggest part of getting started down the freelancer’s path is knowing where to start—and what things to consider. So, in preparation for my presentation, I figured I might as well give a brief scattershot of how I began, and how I sustain, this little career I’ve carved out.

These are my thoughts. They’re far from comprehensive, but hopefully somebody happening upon this site might learn a thing or two in the process. So let’s get to it. Continue reading