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A New Poem Up In TAB: “The Girl Who Thought She Knew Something About Monsters”



I’m bummed I’m not taking part in National Poetry Month this year. But I have a good reason, and I’ll be sharing that with you soon, too. It’s the most overdue of all the overdue news. It’s the most hyperbolic thing ever.

In the meantime, I had a new poem up over the weekend in TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics. It’s called “The Girl Who Thought She Knew Something About Monsters,” and it’s the continuing adventures of someone from The Diegesis. It’s the beginning of a new project.

Why not give it a read?

New poem in A River & Sound Review, an Honor, and Other News

When you’re a submitting writer, it’s part of the natural course of things that some weeks go better than others. Rejections usually come in bunches, and they come more frequently in the fall, when school is back in, journals are opening for submissions, and everyone is looking to get a head start on the coming year’s work load.

Having occupied many roles in the publication cycle, from the rejector to the rejectee, the acceptor to the acceptee, I am quite fascinated and appreciative of the whole process. A lot of work goes in at all ends, making the moments when it all comes together that much more worth it.

New poem in Issue 9 of River & Sound Review 

Last week, my poem “The White Between the Frames” was featured in Issue 9 of A River and Sound Review. This crew doesn’t operate too far from me, and about a year and a half ago I had the honor of winning their five minute poem challenge. The editing team was a real treat to work with on some revisions of the poem, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable publication processes I’ve ever been a part of.

So, if you haven’t already, please take the time to read through their latest issue, and if you don’t already, follow them on Twitter (@RSRSeattle) and Facebook. Poetry editor Michael Schmeltzer runs the show online, and he’s always ready with a good quip or a Philosoraptor-worthy question. But yeah, check ’em out and tell them what good work they do.

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Magnetic Haiku

2013-02-04 10.28.42

I still see a man
when light trickles in between
the mouth and the sound.

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On Collaboration in Poetry, pt. 3: Ideas, Schmideas

Next week, Joshua Young and I will be releasing The Diegesis through Gold Wake Press on February 15.

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the value of collaboration in poetry.
In Part 2, I talked about how awesome it is not to have any time for anything.

I’ve focused on these subjects because they’ve been the most surprising (and exciting) aspects of collaboration. Today we’re going to round out the trilogy by talking about the nature of ideas.

Why are we going to talk about ideas? Because, well, it’s a good idea to.

If a writer isn’t complaining about not having enough time, they’re complaining about not having any good ideas. It’s always something with us damn writers.

You are guilty of this. I am guilty of this. Admit the guilt, and let’s move on.

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“The Next Big Thing” Interview


My friend and collaborator Joshua Young (author of When the Wolves Quit and To the Chapel of Light) tapped my shoulder in this epic game of tag for the project “The Next Big Thing,” a self-interview for writers with recent or forthcoming books (or I guess projects in process as well). After I answer the questions I have the pleasure of tagging more writers to do the same!

It’s no real surprise that Mr. Young would tag me. After all, we have a collection coming out next week called The Diegesis. I suggest that you read his thoughts here before reading my own, and I’ll try not to say the same things that he did.

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Magnetic Haiku

2013-01-29 12.23.38

Beneath our blue song,
every wild face blossoms
into leafy smiles.

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Magnetic Haiku

2013-01-28 15.36.59

Beneath thunder clouds,
we skin off the dead bark to
make a house from wood.

Preorder the Diegesis by Chas Hoppe and Joshua Young at SPD BooksAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.